Engineering and manufacturing of customized accessories

Our experience and organization allow us not only to carry out Customized modifications which most Companies are in the need of, for example: to modify a reel-holder, to change the band revolution, to retro-fit or replace old plants, but also to project customized components following the requests of the various productive demands.

Fan-set groups

After several years of studies and test, Freschi Italy engineered a mono-block fan system controlled by a ventilator whose inner part is equipped with a series of proportional valves for the air recirculation up to 98%. Completely insulated in order in order to reduce then noise to the minimum, the fan-set groups can be supplied with a heating battery fed by oil, steam, superheated water or gas. The fan-set group may have single or double configuration, according to the process it is required for, with capacities from 5000, 6000 or 7500m3/h.

Roto printing element

The Roto printing element is composed of a scraping cross-beam with four movements, saddle for pressing roll with cylinder liner, automatic clutch and declutching of the printing cylinder, motorized transversal adjustment, n. 1 cart complete of diffuser with two movements prechamber and basin complete of tank. Size of the Roto printing elements and the paper passage depends on the Customer's needs. All the pneumatic and electric controls of the printing element are located on its shoulder.

Drying tunnel

Two-stage draying tunnel with cascade re-flowing ventilation, purposely made for solvent adhesive processing. Tunnel is to be applied to an existent spreading machine and it has been engineered to perform a better drying process and to reduce solvent's residual. Tunnel is manufactured in customized sizes, its processing speed is guaranteed at 400 mt/min. Its bottom side is provided with proper inspection doors and cleanouts.